The person you are suing is the defendant before you

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Unformatted text preview: are the Plaintiff. The person you are suing is the Defendant. • Before you fill out this form, read Form SC-100-INFO, Information for the Plaintiff, to know your rights. Get SC-100-INFO at any courthouse or county law library, or go to: • Fill out pages 2 and 3 of this form. Then make copies of all pages of this form. (Make 1 copy for each party named in this case and an extra copy for yourself.) Take or mail the original and these copies to the court clerk’s office and pay the filing fee. The clerk will write the date of your trial in the box above. • You must have someone at least 18—not you or anyone else listed in this case—give each Defendant a court-stamped copy of all 5 pages of this form and any pages this form tells you to attach. There are special rules for “serving,” or delivering, this form to public entities, associations, and some businesses. See Forms SC-104, SC-104B, and SC-104C. Go to court on your trial date listed above. Bring witnesses, receipts, and any evidence you need to prove your case. • Judicial Council of California, Revised January 1, 2012, Mandatory Form Code of Civil Procedure, §§ 116.110 et seq., 116.220(c), 116.340(g) Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claims Court (Small Claims) SC-100, Page 1 of 5 Case Number: Plaintiff (list names): Terry Tentinger 1 The Plaintiff (the person, business, or public entity that is suing) is: Name: Terry Tentinger Street address: 713 W Duarte Rd. Arcadia Street Phone: ( 626 ) 3806789 CA 91007 City State Zip City State Zip Mailing address (if different): Street If more than one Plaintiff, list next Plaintiff here: Name: Street address: Phone: ( Street ) City State Zip City State Zip Mailing address (if different): Street Check here if more than 2 Plaintiffs and attach Form SC-100A. Check here if either Plaintiff listed above is doing business under a fictitious name. If s...
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