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Unformatted text preview: nt’s Claim. There are strict filing Trial” at deadlines you must follow. • Agree with the Plaintiff’s claim and pay the What if I need an accommodation? money. Or, if you can’t pay the money now, go to If you have a disability or are hearing impaired, fill out your trial and say you want to make payments. Form MC-410, Request for Accommodations. Give the form to your court clerk or the ADA/Access Coordinator. • Let the case “default.” If you don’t settle and do not go to the trial (default), the judge may give the Plaintiff What if I don’t speak English well? what he or she is asking for plus court costs. If this Bring an adult who is not a witness to interpret for you, or happens, the Plaintiff can legally take your money, ask the court clerk for an interpreter at least five days before wages, and property to pay the judgment. your court date. A court-provided interpreter may not be available or there may be a fee for using a court interpreter What if I need more time? unless you qualify for a fee waiver. You may ask the court You can change the trial date if: for a list of interpreters and also the Application for Waiver • You cannot go to court on the scheduled date (you will have to pay a fee to postpone the trial) or of Court Fees and Costs (form FW-001). • You did not get served (receive this order to go to Where can I get the court forms I need? court) at least 15 days before the trial (or 20 days if you Go to any courthouse or your county law library, or print live outside the county) or forms at: • You need more time to get an interpreter. One What happens at the trial? postponement is allowed, and you will not have to pay The judge will listen to both sides. The judge may make a a fee to delay the trial. decision at your trial or mail the decision to you later. Ask the Small Claims Clerk about the rules and fees for postponing a trial. Or fill out...
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