Be open to other opinions an im portant part of this

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Unformatted text preview: other opinions: An im portant part of this m odule is learning about other cultures , religions , political views and languages . So you will probably read and hear things that you m ay not agree with -- that's okay. We don't all have to agree on everything in this world. In fact, it's im portant that we learn how to work with, how to deal with and how to live with people who we don't always agree with. This is a fact of life in South Africa... and in the African contact, in general. You always see things as you are -- and not as they really are. Be polite: Be careful not to ins ult other people, accidentally, by what you s ay online. For exam ple, readers will think you are being rude if you type EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS orBOLD!! Rem em ber the power of language -- this is tal/tool/c74a502b- 8dd6- 4f2e- a0b0- 999ff437532a/pr int_module.jsf?pr intM oduleId= 119275574 3/4 12/19/13 M odules: Pr int M odule the whole point of this m odule! If you are worried that you don't know the rules for online politenes s , you can vis it the webs ite on Netiquette here /neti...
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