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Unformatted text preview: er, thes e dis cus s ion forum s are public places and everybody will be able to s ee your ques tions and ans wers . If you want to as k a private ques tion, us e your m yLife em ail or us e Course Contact. You can als o as k ques tions with the Questions and Answ ers tool. If it is a good ques tion for everybody, your facilitator will publis h it for the whole group. Other tools m ay be added at a later s tage, depending on what the lecturers , the teaching as s is tants and the facilitators want you to us e for s pecific activities . Click on Next at the b ottom of this page to m ove on to the following sections. 0.5 How to succe e d in this m odule To be s ucces s ful in this m odule, es pecially becaus e it is an online m odule, you need to adhere to s om e bas ic principles . We call thes e the Rules of Engagem ent: Rules of Engagement Participate: We need to s ee that you are online, s o you need to do the activities -- write s om ething in the online Dis cus s ions (even if it's not perfect), try the activities , explore the webs ite. We give you...
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