Thes e c ompetenc ies therefore c ontribute to the

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Unformatted text preview: s e c ompetenc ies therefore c ontribute to the developme nt of c ompetitive Information Tec hnology prac titioners who have s trong tec hnic al s k ills of des igning, implementing and managing s ingle and dis tributed databas e s y s tems . This module is s et at NQF Le ve l 7 with 12 cre dits in the SAQA field of Phy s ic al, Mathematic al, Computer and Life Sc ienc e within the s ub-field of Information Tec hnology and Computer Sc ienc es 0.2 Spe cific Outcom e s a nd Asse ssm e nt Crite ria I nstructions: Pleas e read the following inform ation carefully 0.3 Asse ssm e nt Pla n Dedicated to Pub lic Dom ain I nstructions: Pleas e read through the as s es s m ent plan below Assessment Plan This s ection guides you on how you will be as s es s ed in this m odule. It is therefore im portant that you pay clos e attention to the details in this s ection. All the im portant inform ation regarding the weekly activities , s elf-as s es s m ents , form al tal/tool/c74a502b- 8dd6- 4f2e- a0b0- 999ff437532a/pr int_module.jsf?pr i...
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