This m eans that there are s om e changes in the way

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Unformatted text preview: hat there are s om e changes in the way we teach, and s om e changes in the way you will learn. In this s ection, we will s tart to explain s om e of thes e differences . tal/tool/c74a502b- 8dd6- 4f2e- a0b0- 999ff437532a/pr int_module.jsf?pr intM oduleId= 119275574 2/4 12/19/13 M odules: Pr int M odule Overview of the online tools For this m odule, we are going to be us ing the following tools on m yUnis a to guide you in your s tudies : Hom e page / Welcom e Announcem ents / em ail notification Schedule Learning Units Dis cus s ions This is an online dis cus s ion forum Additional Res ources Online As s es s m ent Cours e Contact Ques tions and Ans wers Blogs If you click on the links above, it will take you to s om e general inform ation about that tool. Another one of the s pecial forum s under Discussions is called "Talk ing with your Lecturer". Us e this s pace to pos t ques tions to the lecturer about anything in the cours e, and they will get back to you. Rem em b...
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