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Unformatted text preview: s om e guidance in the as s es s m ent plan and on the Schedule s o that you can keep up with all the activities in the m odule. Follow the Schedule, as m uch as you can. Sharing is important: A big part of this m odule involves interactive learning -- heutagogy. We as k you to s hare a lot about yours elf, about your own language us e, about your culture, your fam ily, your religion, etc. You need to be willing to s hare thes e s tories with your clas s m ates in your group. However, you will never be expected to s hare private inform ation or inform ation that m akes you uncom fortable. So, s hare what you want to s hare and help us to learn from each other. Don't be afraid to try: When you are participating online, we don't care about being 'perfect'. Of cours e, we expect you to us e good academ ic language -- even in your em ails and online dis cus s ions . This is NOT an s m s or Mxit or Facebook... Be form al and rem em ber that you are 's peaking with' your lecturers , teaching as s is tance and clas s m ates in your group. Be open to...
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