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Unformatted text preview: quette/index.htm l Ask for help: Don't be afraid to as k ques tions if you don't unders tand s om ething. This is the firs t tim e that we are teaching this m odule online and we expect you to have ques tions . You can as k your clas s m ates in your group, you can as k your Teaching As s is tants and you can as k your lecturers if you have problem s with anything in the cours e. Go to Questions and Answ ers and as k a ques tion -- it m ay even help us to help other s tudents , too. tal/tool/c74a502b- 8dd6- 4f2e- a0b0- 999ff437532a/pr int_module.jsf?pr intM oduleId= 119275574 4/4...
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