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Advanced sql 8 data modelling advanced concepts part

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Unformatted text preview: 9 Advanced SQL 8 Data Modelling Advanced Concepts PART 4 Part IV Database Design and Implementation 9 Normalizing Database Designs 10 Database Design PART 5 Implementation Alternatives 11 Conceptual, LogicalDatabases Database Design 10 Distributed and Physical PART 5 Database Transactions Databases Through the Web 11 Interacting with and Performance Tuning 12 Transaction Management and Concurrency Control PART 6 Database Management 13 Database atabase Administration and Security 12 D Performance Tuning and Query Optimization PART 6 Part13 Concepts of Large-Scaleand Concurrency VI Managing Transactions Database Systems 14 Distributed Database Management Systems 14 Managing Database and SQL Performance 15 The Data Warehouse Decision Support 15 Databases for 16 Database Connectivity and Web Development EMEA1e EMEA 2e PART 1 Database Concepts PART 1 Database Systems 1 Database Systems 1 The Database Approach 2 Data Models 2 Data Models 3 The Relational Database Model 3 Relational Mode...
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