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Characteristics 4 relational algebra 4 relational

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Unformatted text preview: l Characteristics 4 Relational Algebra 4 Relational Algebra PART 2 Part II Design Concepts PART 2 Database Alternatives 5 EntityModelling with Entity Relationship Diagrams 5 Data Relationship (ER) Modelling 6 Advanced Data Modelling Concepts 6 Data Modelling Advanced 7 Normalization of Database Tables 7 Normalizing Database Designs PART 3 Part III SQL PART 3 Database Programming 8 Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) 8 Beginning Structured Query Language 9 Advanced SQL 9 Procedural Language SQL and Advanced SQL PART 4 Part IV Database Design and Implementation PART 4 Database Design 10 Database Design 10 Database Development Process 11 Conceptual, Logical and Physical Database Design 11 Conceptual, Logical and Physical Database Design PART 5 Database Transactions and Performance Tuning PART 5 Implementation Alternatives 12 TransactionTransactions and Concurrency Control 12 Managing Management and Concurrency 13 Database Performance Tuning Performance 13 Managing Database an...
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