In terms of speeds the vector addition implies that

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Unformatted text preview: tion using vectors, as shown on the following page. In terms of speeds, the vector addition implies that you subtract the speed of the humvee and the speed of the tank from the barrel speed of the projectile. 2.3. Figure 2­14 gives the acceleration a(t) of a 2.3. Chihuahua as it chases a German shepherd along an axis. In which of the time periods indicated does the Chihuahua move at constant speed? 2.9. You throw a ball straight up from the 2.9. edge of a cliff, and it lands on the ground below the cliff. If you had instead thrown the ball down from the cliff edge with the same speed, would the ball’s speed just before landing be larger than, smaller than, or the same as previously? 2.4. At t = 0, a particle moving along an x axis is at 2.4. position x0 = ­20 m. The signs of the particle’s initial velocity v0 (at time t0) and constant acceleration a are, respectively, for four situations: (1) +, +; (2) +, —; (3) —, +; (4) —, —. In which situation will the particle (a) undergo a momentary st...
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