Rankthewindows accordingtoatheaverage

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Unformatted text preview: op, (b) definitely pass through the origin (given enough time), and (c) definitely not pass through the origin? 2.8. In Fig. 2­15, a cream 2.8. tangerine is thrown directly upward past three evenly spaced windows of equal heights. Rank the windows according to (a) the average speed of the cream tangerine while passing them, (b) the time the cream tangerine takes to pass them, (c) the magnitude of the acceleration of the cream tangerine while passing them, and (d) the change Δv in the speed of the cream tangerine during the passage, greatest first. 2.1. Figure 2­12 shows four 2.1. paths along which objects move from a starting point to a final point, all in the same time. The paths pass over a grid of equally spaced straight lines. Rank the paths according to (a) the average velocity of the objects and (b) the average speed of the objects, greatest first. 4.3. Figure 4­24 shows three situations in which 4.3. identical projectiles are launched from the ground (at the same level) at identical init...
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