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Federal Reserve System Portfolio Essay I believe that the Federal Reserve System should remain independent from government control. All throughout the Fed’s history they have kept up a good job with doing what they do and should remain independent to keep on doing that good job. The three main reasons for why it should remain independent are to keep the Fed’s efficiency up, the kind of influence Politics has, and the influence of Special Interests Groups. The Federal Reserve Act was made into law in December of 1913. Many people in the United States believe that the Fed should be independent, however others do not. I believe that the Fed should remain independent, the reasons for my argument are presented below. If the Fed were to be more controlled by the Government its high efficiency would diminish. When Congress is in session they usually move slowly with their decisions. A bill that is trying to be made into a law may be discussed for weeks before it is finally made into a law. Whenever there might be a financial
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