6 reconcile platform memory configurations with cost

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Unformatted text preview: m memory configurations with cost information and consolidation goals to determine the optimum virtualization host server memory size. • We took a snapshot of utilization data every 10 minutes over a five-week period. • Each snapshot captured key Microsoft Windows performance counters such as minimum memory available. 5 White Paper Memory Sizing for Server Virtualization • Using our inventory database, we obtained information about 50% the total memory installed on each system. 43.9% 40 • We used the collected data to calculate maximum memory consumption: 30 – For each snapshot, we calculated memory utilization by subtracting the minimum memory available from the total 20 memory installed on the system. 13.5% 12.2% – We used the largest of all these calculated numbers 8.9% 10 5.9% 5.2% 6.7% 3.5% over the five-week period as our estimate of maximum memory consumption. 0 < 500 MB 500 MB-1 GB 1-1.5 GB 1.5-2 GB 2-2.5 GB 2.5-3 GB 3-4 GB >4 GB Server Percentage by RAM Consumed Analysis of Memory Consumption Based on the collected data, we analyzed memory consumption Figure 1. Analysis of memory consumption patterns showed that nearly 50 percent of production servers used 1 GB of memory or less. patterns within the sample of servers. About 50 percent of the approximately 3,000 servers used no more than 1 GB of memory, as shown in Figure 1. For further analysis, we then divided the servers into four equal groups, or quartiles, based on maximum memory utilization. We Top Quartile 3.33 calculated the average maximum memory consumption within each quartile, as shown in Figure 2. Second Quartile When we excluded the top quartile—the 25 percent of servers 1.50 with the greatest memory consumption—we found that the average among the remaining 75 percent was around 1 GB. Third Quartile 0.86 We compared our results with data from other companies. Server memory consumption was similar at these companies, with at least Bottom Quartile 50 percent of servers utilizing a maximum of 1 GB memory or less. 0.58 We then analyzed a subset...
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