Allocating inadequate vm memory may reduce workload

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Unformatted text preview: Allocating inadequate VM memory may reduce workload performance, while allocating too much memory is likely to result in underutilization and increased total cost of ownership (TCO). increasing TCO for our environment overall We realized that we needed a method for accurately determining the optimum virtualization host server memory size, taking into account factors such as workload and VM hypervisor memory requirements, available The consequences of specifying too much 4 hardware platforms, memory costs, and our memory on virtualization hosts could include: consolidation goals. Memory Sizing for Server Virtualization White Paper Determining Virtualization Host Memory Size We created a step-by-step plan for determining optimum memory size for the virtualization hosts. 1. Analyze the maximum physical memory actually consumed on business computing servers running workloads that we plan to migrate into VMs. 2. Select a candidate virtualization host server platform. 3. Analyze potential memory configurations on the candidate server platform, including the number of memory slots and the density and cost of available memory modules. 4. Estimate VM hypervisor memory Physical Memory Consumption on Existing Servers We began our analysis by examining physical memory consumption on production systems representative of those that we planned to virtualize. We also compared our results with memory consumption data from other companies. We used internally developed tools to collect utilization data from more than 3,000 business computing servers at Intel. The servers were requirements, as well as estimated savings running non-virtualized workloads on Microsoft from sharing memory pages between VMs. Windows*. They included file, e-mail, Web, backup, 5. For each potential memory configuration and database servers. identified in Step 3, use information from For each server, we estimated maximum memory Steps 1 and 4 to determine the consolidation consumption as follows: levels we can achieve. 6. Reconcile platfor...
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