R710 Exchange virutalization

0 3 when you arrive at the download link download the

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Unformatted text preview: k the link to Step 1: Install .NET Framework 2.0. 3. When you arrive at the download link, download the x64 version of the .NET Framework, and install. 4. Click the link to Step 3: Install Microsoft Windows PowerShell; this takes you to the download link. 5. When you arrive at the download link, download Microsoft Windows PowerShell, and install with defaults. 6. Search for and download SP1 for .NET Framework 2.0. 7. Install SP1 with all defaults. 8. Click the link to Step 4: Install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1. 9. Click Next to go past the introduction screen. 10. Accept the license agreement, and click Next. 11. Select No for error reporting, and click Next. 12. Select Custom Exchange Server Installation, and click Next. 13. Check Management Tools, and click Next. 14. After the check finishes, click Install to start the installation process. 15. Once installation is complete, click Finish. 16. Download and install Load Generator using all defaults. Preparing Load Generator 1. Lo...
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