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R710 Exchange virutalization

1 to reach that goal we created a new custom workload

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Unformatted text preview: hat goal, we created a new custom workload that reflected existing standards. To build the workload, we used Microsoft Exchange LoadGen 2007, an industry-standard tool for benchmarking an Exchange Mail Server. We used as the basis of that workload the LoadGen settings from an industry-standard virtualized mail benchmark that uses the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 MAPI Messaging Benchmark 3 (MMB3). MMB3 is the previous generation Exchange benchmark, which Microsoft has replaced with LoadGen 2007. We modified the MMB3 workload so it would work on the latest version of LoadGen 2007 by using the Custom feature of that tool. We tuned the workload to in such a way as to stress CPU and memory. Our workload consisted of 4000 users per VM. During the tests, LoadGen performs tasks to simulate a standard user generating mail activity. When the workload finishes, LoadGen reports the response time, which is the number of seconds necessary to complete the task. We ran this workload on all virtual machines simultaneously for 30 minutes. We modified...
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