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R710 Exchange virutalization

11 at the system properties window click ok 12 when a

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Unformatted text preview: puter for the changes to take effect, click OK. 11. At the System Properties window, click OK. 12. When a pop-up appears asking if you want to restart now, click Yes to restart your computer. Installing Internet Information Services 6.0 1. Select Start Control Panel Add or Remove Programs. 2. Click Add/Remove Windows Components. 3. Select Application Servers, and click Details. 4. Click ASP.NET, and make sure a check appears in the check box. 5. Select Internet Information Services (IIS), and click Details. 6. Click OK to close the Application Server window. 7. At the Windows Components Wizard, click Next to begin the installation. 8. When the system prompts you to do so, insert the OS CD, and click OK. 9. At the Completing the Windows Components Wizard window, click Finish. 10. Close the Add or Remove Programs window. Installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Load Generator 1. Insert the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 CD. The CD should automatically launch the installation software. 2. Clic...
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