R710 Exchange virutalization

28tb volume in the vm operating system and log

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Unformatted text preview: operating system and log storage pool. We connected this storage pool to ESX Server as a single datastore via the ESX iSCSI initiator using one physical NIC. We created 10 60GB volumes in the MailStore database storage pool. We used the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator with the EqualLogic Host Integration Toolkit (HIT) within each VM to connect one 60GB volume to every VM through two virtual NIC’s shared between every VM. PS5000XV-1 PS5000XV-2 PS5000XV-3 Storage Pool 1 PS6000 Storage Pool 2 Db 1 Volume Db 2 Volume Db 3 Volume (...) OS-Log Volume MS iSCSI Initiator 1 MS iSCSI Initiator 2 MS iSCSI Initiator 3 (…) ESX iSCSI Initiator VMWare Datastore Db 1 HDD Db 2 HDD Db 3 HDD (…) MailServer 1 HDD MailServer 2 HDD MailServer 3 HDD Figure 7: The layout of the Dell EqualLogic storage. Setting up the storage 1. Using the command line, setup a storage group with the following RAID policies: a. PS5000XV-1: RAID-10 (no-spares) b. PS5000XV-2: RAID-10 c. PS5000XV-3: RAID-10 (no-spares) d. PS6000: RAID-10 2. Create a storage...
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