R710 Exchange virutalization

Hp proliant gl385 g5 with hp storageworks eva 4400 3

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Unformatted text preview: 5 with HP StorageWorks EVA 4400 3 Test methodology Setting up and configuring the storage Dell EqualLogic storage configuration Each of the four Dell EqualLogic arrays has 16 drives, for a total of 64 drives. Each of the five HP StorageWorks EVA 4400 storage trays has 12 drives, for a total of 60 drives. To match the drive count of the two storage configurations, we configured two Dell EqualLogic arrays in RAID 10 no-spares mode (16 active drives each) and two Dell EqualLogic arrays in regular RAID 10 mode (14 active drives each), for a total of 60 active drives. We connected the Dell Server to the Dell EqualLogic storage via three 1Gb/s Ethernet cables. We configured the Dell EqualLogic storage into two storage pools. Figure 7 shows the storage layout. The VM operating system and log storage pool (Storage Pool 1) contained one Dell EqualLogic PS6000 Array. The MailStore database storage pool (Storage Pool 2) contained three Dell EqualLogic PS5000XV Arrays. We created one 1.28TB volume in the VM...
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