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R710 Exchange virutalization

Leave defaults in remote configurations and click

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Unformatted text preview: PreTestLogon check box, and click Continue. Leave defaults in Remote configurations, and click Continue. Click Save the configuration file as, and name it Loadgencfg Click Start the initialization phase (recommended before running the test) to start initialization. The initialization process might take a few hours. Power measurement procedure To record each server’s power consumption during each test, we used an Extech Instruments (www.extech.com) 380803 Power Analyzer/Datalogger. We connected the power cord from the server under test to the Power Analyzer’s output load power outlet. We then plugged the power cord from the Power Analyzer’s input voltage connection into a power outlet. For the storage arrays, which have multiple power cords, we plugged all of the cords for each array into a power strip and then plugged the power strip into the Power Analyzer’s output load power outlet. We used the Power Analyzer’s Data Acquisition Software (version 2.11) to capture all recordings. We installed the software on a separate Intel processor-based PC, whi...
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