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R710 Exchange virutalization

Name mailserver b virtual processors 1 c virtual

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Unformatted text preview: essors: 1 c. Virtual memory: 4,096 MB d. Virtual Disk Size: 24 GB e. Virtual Network: Mail Network (keep the default Windows Network DHCP settings) 1. Click Start, All Programs, VMware, VMware vSphere client. 2. Enter the IP address or hostname, user name, and password. Click Login. 3. Click the Virtual Machines tab. 4. Right-click, and choose New Virtual Machine. 5. Choose Custom, and click Next. 6. Assign a name to the virtual machine. Click Next. 7. Select a datastore for the virtual machine files. We chose the OS-Log Datastore. Click Next. 8. Choose Virtual Machine Version 7 to utilize build 148592 of ESX. Click Next. 9. Choose Microsoft Windows, then Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (64-bit). Click Next. 10. Choose one virtual processor. Click Next. 11. Choose 4GB RAM. Click Next. 12. Click None for the number of NICs. Click Next. 13. Choose LSI Logic SAS as the SCSI controller. Click Next. 14. Choose to create a new virtual disk. Click Next. 15. Make the OS virtual disk size 24 GB, and click Next. 16. Keep the default virtual dev...
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