R710 Exchange virutalization

Name the new public folder database public folder

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Unformatted text preview: age Group, and select New Public Folder Database. 13. Name the new public folder database Public Folder Database and click New. 14. In the Completion page, click Finish to close the New Public Folder Database window. 15. Close the Exchange Management Console, and reboot the server. 16. Once the server successfully reboots, log in, and select Start All Programs Administrative Tools Active Directory Users and Computers. 17. In the Active Directory Users and Computers window, select test.com in the left pane, and open Users in the right pane. 18. Right-click a blank area in the Users folder, and select New User. 19. In the New Object - User window, complete the name fields as you wish (we used first name: test, last name: tester, logon name: tester), and select Next. 20. Enter a secure password (we used Password1), and check Password never expires. 21. In the pop-up information window, click Accept. Principled Technologies, Inc.: Virtualized Exchange workload performance comparison of end-to-end solutions:...
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