R710 Exchange virutalization

Press tab to auto fill 2552552550 in the subnet mask

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Unformatted text preview: n, and type in the IP address field. f. Press Tab to auto-fill in the Subnet mask field. g. In the Preferred DNS server field, type and click OK to close the IPv4 properties window. h. Click Close. 2. Give the computer a name using the following steps: a. Click Start, right-click Computer, and select Properties. b. Click Change Settings. c. Click Change. d. Type mailserver in the Computer name field, and click OK. e. In the Computer Name/Domain Changes pop-up window, click OK. f. Click OK. g. In the Microsoft pop-up window, click Restart Now. 3. Promote the mailserver to domain controller by following these steps: a. Select Start Command Prompt. b. Type dcpromo c. At the Welcome pop-up window, click Next. d. At the Operating System Compatibility screen, click Next. e. At the Choose a Deployment Configuration screen, select the Create a new domain in a new forest radio button, and click Next. f. At the Name the Forest Root Domain screen, type a domain name (i.e., mailserver.com), and click Next. g. At the Set Forest Functional Level screen, choose Windows...
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