R710 Exchange virutalization

This allows the client to join the active directory

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Unformatted text preview: o then plug that port into the system under test. This allows the client to join the Active Directory domain. We followed this process for each installation: 1. Follow the steps in the earlier Creating a virtual machine section using the following VM specifications: a. Name: MailClient b. Virtual processors: 1 c. Virtual memory: 512 MB d. Virtual Disk Size: 8 GB e. Virtual network: External Network (keep the default Windows Network DHCP settings) 2. Install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition Service Pack 2 on the VM. 3. Assign a computer name of Clientx for the mail client, where x is the client number. 4. For the licensing mode, use the default setting of five concurrent connections. 5. Enter a password for the administrator log on. 6. Select Eastern Time Zone. 7. Use typical settings for the Network installation. Principled Technologies, Inc.: Virtualized Exchange workload performance comparison of end-to-end solutions: Dell PowerEdge R710 with Dell EqualLogic storage vs. HP ProLia...
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