R710 Exchange virutalization

We captured power consumption at one second intervals

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Unformatted text preview: ch we connected to the Power Analyzer via an RS-232 cable. We captured power consumption at one-second intervals. To gauge the idle power usage, we recorded the power usage for 2 minutes while each system was running ESX Server 3i but otherwise idle, meaning we did not power on any VMs. We then recorded the power usage (in watts) for each system during the testing at 1-second intervals. To compute the average power usage, we averaged the power usage during the time the system was producing its peak performance results. Since we measured the power of the server and storage separately, we added the average power of both together to get the total power. We call this time the power measurement interval. See Figure 5 (idle and average peak power) for the results of these measurements. Testing procedure To perform the test, we used a series of batch files. First, we powered on all virtual machines. We started the scripts, which copied the LoadGen parameter files to the clients VMs. Then we started our monitoring programs. To start the test, we executed the start batch file on our controller, whic...
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