R710 Exchange virutalization

When the installation is complete click next click

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Unformatted text preview: Next. Click Finish to reboot the system. Enabling secure shell (ssh) access for the root user 1. Using Putty, Cygwin, or another terminal, ssh to the ESX server. 2. Type the following command to switch to the root user: # su 3. Enter the root user password. 4. Type the following command to change to the appropriate directory: # cd /etc/ssh 5. Edit the sshd_config file using vi. Use the following command: # vi sshd_config 6. Press the down arrow key to move the cursor to the PermitRootLogin line, and then move the cursor to the word no. Press the i key to insert text. 7. Type the word yes and delete the word no. 8. Press the Escape key to return to command mode. 9. Type the following command to save and exit the file: :wq 10. Type the following command to reboot the server: # init 6 Installing vSphere on a management workstation 1. Navigate to the IP address of your ESX Server. 2. Accept certificate warnings, and continue. 3. Click vSphere to download the vSphere client. 4. Choose Run to install. 5. Choose your l...
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