R710 SqL virtualization

In our pre test experimentation we found that sql

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Unformatted text preview: ce, we created the full-text catalog and index on the PRODUCTS table manually in SQL Server Management Studio. In our pre-test experimentation, we found that SQL Server 2008 would occasionally choose an inefficient query plan in the DVD Store workload. To flush the plan cache during these cases, we used the DBCC FREEPROCACHE command. We then performed a full backup of the database. This backup allowed us to restore each server VM to a pristine state relatively quickly between tests. Editing the workload script - ds2xdriver.cs module To use the 20GB database we created earlier, we had to change the following constants: • In the routine Controller(), we changed the string sizes. We added the W option for the 20GB database size. DS2 uses the sizes string to interpret the db_size_str option. • In the class Controller, we changed the arrays MAX_CUSTOMER and MAX_PRODUCT. To each, we added values specifying the bounds for the customer and product IDs. The Controller() routine uses these arrays. • We added a command line parameter for the database name: —database_name Editing the workload script - ds2sqlserverfns.cs module We changed the connection string to increase the number of available connections, to not use the default administrator (“sa”) account, and to include a parameter for the database name. We raised the available connections limit from the default of 100 to 200 to allow room for experimentation. We created a user account called ds2User and used that account. The ds2connect routine in the ds2sqlserverfns.cs module defines sConnectionString. We used the following string; the changes we made appear in bold. string sConnectionString = “User ID=ds2User;Initial Catalog=“+dbname+”;Max Pool Size=200;Connection Timeout=120;Data Source=“ + Controller.target; Recompiling the ds2sqlserverdriver.exe executable We recompiled the ds2xdriver.cs and ds2sqlserverfns.cs module on Windows by following the instructions in the header comments. Because the DS2 instructions were for compiling from the command line, we used the following steps: 1. Open a command prompt. 2. Use the cd command to change to the directory containing our sources. 3. Run the batch file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat. This sets up the environment variables for us. 4. Execute the following command: csc /out:ds2sqlserverdriver.exe ds2xdriver.cs ds2sqlserverfns.cs /d:USE_WIN32_TIMER /d:GEN_PERF_CTRS Principled Technologies, Inc.: Virtualized OLTP workload performance comparison of end-to-end solutions: Dell PowerEdge R710 with Dell EqualLogic storage vs. HP ProLiant DL385 G5 with HP StorageWorks EVA 4400 storage 16 Testing procedure To perform the test, we used a series of batch files. We stored batch files respective to each system on that system, either under the C:\ServerShare folder or the C:\ClientShare folder, and we used the psexec, plink, and winscp utilities to coordinate the test procedures amongst the client machine, server machine, and controller. We use simple fil...
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