Each p4000 unified nas gateway node includes

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Unformatted text preview: , all of your important client and server data can be managed, scaled, and protected on a P4000 SAN solution. Each P4000 Unified NAS Gateway Node includes: Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008, Enterprise Edition Intel® Xeon® Processor E5504 Two 300 GB LFF SAS drives P212 SmartArray Controller 6 GB RAM 6 GbE ports Services Included with the P4000 Unified NAS Gateway: Factory warranty for P4000 Unified NAS Gateway is 1yr, 9x5, NBD for Hardware. P4000 Unified NAS Gateway also includes services resulting in 3 yr of HW&SW, 9x5, NBD. Installation & Startup doable by customer or available from HP. HP StorageWorks P4000 1-node Unified NAS Gateway Node AW588A HP StorageWorks P4000 2-node Unified NAS Gateway Node AW589A HP HP StorageWorks X9300 Looking for NAS and iSCSI services for media and entertainment, financial services or health and life sciences industries? Looking to aggregate heterogeneous storage for file serving and fulfilling the need Network Storage for iSCSI storage? Looking for iSCSI and access to 1,000s of files concurrently? Are you faced with a Gateway hard-to-manage data explosion? The X9300 placed in front of a P4000 G2 SAN can help to address the above challenges. The HP StorageWorks X9000 Network Storage Systems scale-out beyond traditional network attached storage in both capacity and performance. Designed to be extremely scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient, X9000 Network Storage Systems deliver excellent performance and a modular storage infrastructure to accommodate unprecedented storage growth and performance. Central management allows the administrator to manage not just terabytes but multi-petabyte environments at the highest density possible from HP. The pay-as-you-grow architecture and an all-inclusive feature set reduces storage over-provisioning or expensive add-ons. X9000 is the platform for customers designing the next generation data center. X9000 Network Storage System Family of Products Large enterprises and scale-out environments that need to seamlessly serve, store and scale terabytes to multi-petabytes of unstructured data. X9300 Network Storage Gateway - A flexible, scale-out solution that brings feature rich gateway file services to HP MSA, EVA, P4000 or 3rd party arrays or SANs for those customer experiencing considerable unstructured data growth. NOTE: For more information visit: www.hp.com/go/X9000 DA - 13552 Worldwide — Version 6 — August 6, 2010 Page 20 QuickSpecs HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN Solutions Software Application Application Solutions The P4000 is the ideal solution for many customers running Oracle, Microsoft, SAP environments and those customers who are deploying virtual server technologies like VMware, Hyper-V, and Oracle Virtual Machine. HP StorageWorks P4000 delivers enterprise functionality that enhances virtual environments, simplifies management, and reduces costs. Easy to deploy, scale and maintain, HP P4000 SANs ensure that crucial business data remains available. This innovative approach to storage provides unique dou...
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