For customers one of the greatest concerns is always

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Unformatted text preview: ble fault protection across the entire SAN, reducing vulnerability without driving up costs the way traditional SANs can. For customers, one of the greatest concerns is always database performance. With storage clustering, P4000 customers get industry leading, impressive performance along with the scalability, availability, and ease of management capabilities. HP has developed best-in-class expertise in Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and Virtualization Hypervisor technology through extensive testing with the HP P4000, HP servers, and management software; high availability and disaster recovery solutions; and backup and recovery on the Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP application platforms. To learn more about p4000 specific white papers on Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix deployments go to the Resource Library on For an overview of HP Storage Solutions for Oracle, Exchange, SAP and Virtualization environments, visit the solution sites supporting each of these applications. HP Storage for Oracle hyperlink to HP Storage for Microsoft hyperlink to HP Storage for SAP hyperlink to Backup Backup Options Creating Creating and end-to-end When combining a HP P4000 SAN Solution with the HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System, users can IP SAN storage solution create an affordable end-to-end IP SAN storage solution that is both easy to implement an easy to maintain. From entry-level solutions for a remote or branch office to mid-range solutions that scale for multiple sites, HP D2D Backup Systems provide the optimal balance of affordability, manageability, and reliability to handle the data protection needs of your HP StorageWorks SAN Solution. HP The HP StorageWorks D2D Backup Systems provide price leading disk-based data protection for small HP StorageWorks D2D4112 Backup System or medium-sized data centers and distributed environments. Automate and consolidate the backup of multiple servers onto a single, rack-mountable device. Improve reliability by reducing errors caused by media handling. With 1.5 to 18 TB of usable capacity and speeds of up to 720 GB/hour you can significantly reduce your backup window and restore time. The D2D Backup Systems feature HP Dynamic deduplication allowing you to retain more data on disk for longer and enabling low bandwidth replication for cost-effective off-site backup and recovery. Included as standard on all D2D systems, support for both virtual tape library and NAS (CIFS only**) targets offers the ease of use and flexibility needed to integrate into your current IT environment. * Actual performance is dependent upon data set type, compression levels, number of data streams, number of devices emulated and number of concurrent tasks, such as housekeeping or replication. ** The addition of NAS as a target for backup is currently limited to the CIFS protocol, suitable for use in Windows-only environments. The authentication models for the CIFS protocol are "no authe...
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