In total these bundled services provide at no extra

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Unformatted text preview: ee years of basic HP Software Support (standard 9x5 business hours phone support, software technical support and software product and documentation updates). In total, these bundled services provide, at no extra costs, for basic next business day, HW + SW support for 3years for the SAN Solution products. The HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 Storage Systems, and the P4000 software LTU products, come bundled, at no extra cost, with 1 year of basic HP Software Support (standard 9x5 business hours phone support (software technical support and software product and documentation updates). For increased uptime, productivity and ROI -HP Care Pack packaged services for Storage These days, you need to get the most out of your storage investment-you can't afford not to. When you buy HP storage products and solutions, it's also a good time to think about what levels of service and support you may need. To help take the worry out of deploying, designing, maintaining, and managing your environment, we've designed a portfolio of service options that are as: flexible, reliable and scalable as your storage. Unlike storage-only vendors, we take a holistic approach to your entire environment, bridging storage, servers, blades, software and network infrastructures with our HP Care Pack packaged services for Storage. Protect your business beyond the warranty When it comes to robustness and reliability, standard warranties on today's computing equipment have matured just as the technologies have matured. Good news on some fronts-but also a source of potential problems and subsequent consequences that come from depending on standard warranties alone. Standard warranty protects against product defects and some causes of downtime- but not the business. By using a standard approach to warranty uplifts, such as HP Care Pack Services, you can reduce downtime risks and be more certain of operational consistency for both mission-critical and standard business computing. Simply put, HP Care Pack Services normalize the warranty of combined products - helping you proactively guard against unplanned downtime. Extending warranties with HP Care Pack Services For cost-effective upgrading or extending your standard warranty, HP Care Pack Services offer a suite of standard reactive hardware and software support services that are sold separately, or combined as with our Support Plus and Support Plus 24 services. The portfolio also provides a combination of proactive and reactive services, such as Proactive 24 Service and Critical Service. In addition, with HP Proactive Select we offer an innovative approach to service delivery that gives you the flexibility to acquire the specific proactive services you need today, then add services as your needs evolve. HP Proactive Select offers a broad set of technical or per-event type service options - including server, storage, and network, SAN device, and software, environment, installation and education services. Services that you can mix and match depending on your specific requ...
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