One click of the mouse and the performance monitor is

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Unformatted text preview: easy to obtain the performance metrics that customers need, when they need them. One click of the mouse and the Performance Monitor is up and running in the Centralized Management Console (CMC) so there is no external software to install. The monitor provides a short list of relevant statistics and counters, letting administrators obtain performance metrics rolled up to their preferred level of abstraction. The SAN/iQ Performance Monitor provides performance information on a per-application server/virtual machine, logical volume, snapshot, storage cluster, and storage node basis, so there's no wading through irrelevant statistics in search of pertinent information. The Performance Monitor's graphical user interface is simple and elegant, and each statistic includes a detailed explanation of what it means for SAN performance. SmartClone Technology SAN/iQ SmartClone technology instantly replicates data volumes and data sets into virtual copies or "clones" without requiring additional storage space. Each volume clone lets administrators save time and space in a variety of environments and applications, from server and desktop provisioning, to boot-from-SAN provisioning, to the rapid copying of production data into test and development environments. SmartClone technology is based on the space-efficient SAN/iQ Thin Provisioning architecture, and the volume clones can be used without limitation along with all other SAN/iQ features like Network RAID, Thin Provisioning, Snapshot, and Remote Copy. The feature works by taking any volume or snapshot and making one or many clones in an instant. The cloning function makes a DA - 13552 Worldwide — Version 6 — August 6, 2010 Page 18 QuickSpecs HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN Solutions Software permanent, read/write volume on the SAN, pointing back to the original volume's blocks instead of duplicating the blocks. By managing each clone as a pervasive volume, SmartClone eliminates any requirement for a volume, snapshot, or any of its predecessors to exist after the clone has been created, and also eliminates the need to run de-duplication software, because there are no duplicate blocks. The clone shares the original volume's blocks and uses copy-on-write semantics. SmartClone technology reduces storage costs and increases overall storage efficiency. Administrators can store "gold-master" system images on the SAN for virtual desktop and bootfrom-SAN implementations, and quickly provision test environments using real production data. To simplify management, administrators can view all of the relationships between clones, volumes, and snapshots graphically in the Control Management Console. SmartClone technology leverages application integrated snapshots to enable Microsoft VSS applications to be cloned in a quiesced state, providing easier application testing and recovery. Centralized Management Console The entire HP P4000 SAN is managed from the SAN/iQ Centralized Management Console (CMC). An administrator simply connects via the IP network to the storage nodes. Multiple data centers and sites of s...
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