P4000 g2 sans do not require pre allocation of

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Unformatted text preview: ors over-allocate storage, it is nearly impossible to reclaim that unused space. P4000 G2 SANs do not require pre-allocation of storage space. SAN/iQ software manages all the storage allocations underneath a given volume, and the Thin Provisioning feature allocates space only as data is actually written to that volume. SAN/iQ Thin Provisioning allows customers to purchase only the storage needed today and then add more storage to the clusters as application data grows. This raises the overall utilization and efficiency of the SAN and ultimately increases the ROI associated with the SAN. Application Integrated Snapshots DA - 13552 Worldwide — Version 6 — August 6, 2010 Page 17 QuickSpecs HP StorageWorks P4000 G2 SAN Solutions Software Application Integrated snapshots create instant point-in-time copies of data on a per-volume basis. Snapshots can be created in a variety of ways to meet business or application requirements. Administrators can create them manually ad-hoc, on a scheduled or scripted basis, or via the Microsoft VSS framework, and can then access these point-in-time snapshots to recover individual files or folders from the volume, or rollback an entire volume. Unlike most SAN vendors that require a snapshot reserve, SAN/iQ Snapshots are always thinly provisioned for efficiency, only consuming storage space on the SAN for the data written to the snapshot, eliminating any upfront space reservation or guesswork that could lead to snapshot and backup job failures. Built into the P4000 SAN and Centralized Management Console, application integrated snapshots provide automated quiescing for Microsoft VSS enabled applications without additional software or hardware requirements. Set's of VSS snapshots are easily created, scheduled, and recovered using the CMC. Remote Copy SAN/iQ Remote Copy lets customers replicate thin provisioned snapshots between primary and remote locations. Because remote copies are thin provisioned no space reservation at the remote location is required. Remote Copy is used for centralized backup and disaster recovery and can be set up on a per-volume basis. Remote copies placed on a recurring schedule allow customers to achieve point-in-time asynchronous replication of the data between locations, sites, or data centers. Integrated into the SAN/iQ Remote Copy software is intelligent bandwidth management ensuring that the data traffic can be sent across shared WAN links without adversely impacting other network traffic. Administrators simply set the bandwidth limit for remote copies between the two sites and the SAN/iQ software holds that limit. A failover/failback wizard is also included with Remote Copy for step-by-step, easy to execute disaster recovery procedures when needed most. Remote-Copy leverages application integrated snapshots to enable Microsoft VSS applications to be replicated in a quiesced state, providing faster application recovery. Performance Management The SAN/iQ Performance Management System is designed from the ground up to make it...
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