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Physics Exam 2 Study Guide - CAUSE OF PLATE TECTONICS is...

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PHYSICS EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE EARTH'S CHEMISTRY CORE : iron and nickle. Radioactive uranium and thorium MANTLE: Magnesium Silicate CRUST : Aluminum and Alkali ( Sodium and Potassium) LITHOSPHERE : Rigid part of the Earth's Crust UPPER MANTLE : Rigid and attached to lithosphere ASTHENOSPHERE : 60-210 Miles Down. Sudden slowing of seismic waves. Must be molten--> T = 1500 degrees C LOWER MANTLE : Solid because of pressure T= 3500-4000 degrees Celsius TWO TYPES of CRUST: OCEANIC CRUST: - basaltic rocks from sea floor spreading 3-6 miles thick 3.0 g/sm3 dark in color tends to sink CONTINENTAL CRUST -silica rich igneous rocks and sedimentry rocks 12-56 miles thick 2.7 g/cm3 LITHOSPHERE: The solid crust of the Earth and the upper portion of the mantle The upper portion of the mantle Drives climate through plate techtonics Plate Tectonics: Motion of huge crustal plates across Earth's surface Crustal plates collide; slide over and under one another; spread apart. Where one plate slide under another. New Theory Circa 1914. Ignored until 1950's Ignored until 1950's and now accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: CAUSE OF PLATE TECTONICS: is the convection currents in the mantle that carry the plates. TERMINOLOGY OF PLATE TECTONICS: Subduction Zone: Where one plate slides under another Rift Zone: Where two plates pull apart Convergent Margin: Plates are colliding- plate velocities are a few centimeters/year Divergent Margin: Plates are pulling apart Transform Fault Margin: Plates slide past one another- SAN ANDREAS Fault ** PACIFIC OCEAN is surrounded by subduction zones The three types of plate boundaries ( Convergent, Divergent, Transform) are associated w/ volcanos. Magnetic Field:- Origin of Ocean Rocks : located by magnetic lineations- Age of Ocean Rocks: 175 MYA- Age of Continental Rocks: Older be far Place of origin: Direction of Magnetic Field Horizontal: Equator Vertical: Poles OTHER CLUES TO MOTION OF CONTINENTS:- Matching Coastlines Fossils across continents...
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Physics Exam 2 Study Guide - CAUSE OF PLATE TECTONICS is...

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