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A the pluton b the dike c sedimentary layer a

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Unformatted text preview: layer F E. sedimentary layer B 3. According to the principle of cross- cutting relations, which of the following features in the above cross section is the youngest? A. the pluton B. the dike C. sedimentary layer A D. sedimentary layer F E. sedimentary layer B 4. In the above image, the boundary between stratigraphic units ‘A’ and ‘B’ is called a (an) . . . ? A. intrusive contact B. fault contact C. unconformity D. conformable contact E. skinny black line 5. Consider the above image: a geologist has drawn the lowest (first) and highest (last) occurrence of fossil specimens on a stratigraphic chart. According to the Principle of Fossil Succession . . . A. strata containing fossil X are always...
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