B currents affect only surface water deep water is

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Unformatted text preview: significantly denser than continental crust. D. all of the above E. there is no difference 9. How deep are the abyssal plains of the ocean? / How high is the highest mountain on land (i.e., Mt. Everest)? A. Abyssal plains range from 30 to 50 km deep. / Mt. Everest is 4.4 km high. B. Abyssal plains range from 10 to 20 km deep. / Mt. Everest is 5.2 km. C. Abyssal plains range from 8 to 15 km deep. / Mt. Everest is 6.8 km high. D. Abyssal plains range from 7 to 12 km deep. / Mt. Everest is 5.8 km high. E. Abyssal plains range from 3 to 5 km deep. / Mt. Everest is 8.8 km high. 10. The deepest places in the ocean are ________, where water depths reach _________ . A. mid- ocean r...
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