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Unformatted text preview: ned in the movie “The Core”. 7. The fossil record shows that at the beginning of the Cambrian (i.e., at 542 Ma), . . . A. the first stromatolites (mounds of bacteria or archaea) appeared. B. the dinosaurs went extinct. C. there was an “explosion” of life, in that a great diversity of species, many with shells, appeared. D. the first land plants appeared. E. dinosaurs freely roamed the Earth. 8. How does oceanic crust differ from continental crust? A. Ocean crust is about 7 - 10 km thick, whereas continental crust is about 35 - 70 km thick. B. Ocean crust is composed almost entirely of basalt and gabbro, whereas continental crust includes many kinds of igneous and metamorphic rocks. C. Oceanic crust is...
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