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Unformatted text preview: Jan 13 Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 4 Related Course: VLSI Testing ELEC 7250: Introduction to VLSI testing, test process and automatic test equipment, test economics and product quality, fault modeling, logic and fault simulation, testability measures, combinational and sequential circuit test generation, memory test, analog test, delay test, IDDQ test, design for testability, built-in self-test, boundary scan, analog test bus, system test and core test. Spring 2014, Jan 13 Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 5 Related Course: Digital System Design ELEC 4200: Hierarchical, modular design of digital systems; computer-aided digital system modeling, simulation, analysis, and synthesis; design implementation with programmable logic devices and field programmable gate arrays. Spring 2014, Jan 13 Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 6 This Course: Advanced VLSI Design ELEC 7770: Review of CMOS logic circuits; ELEC impact of fabrication issues on design; high speed switching circuits; high performance memory structures; advanced clocking strategies and clock distribution; performance optimization; deep submicron design issues; ASIC design flow: logic synthesis, placement and routing; design verification; low power design. Spring 2014, Jan 13 Spring ELEC 7770: Advanced VLSI Design (Agrawal) 7 Course Objectives and Evaluation Objectives: Learn and participate in the process of modern VLSI Learn design, verification, and test of a chip. design, Develop an understanding f...
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