8 NMetabolism

G glu oaa kg asp glutamate and glutamine are major nh2

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Unformatted text preview: p Glutamate and glutamine are major –NH2 donors through transaminases e.g., Glu +OAA -KG + Asp how do oranisms get rid of nitrogen? it involves the Urea cycle. Urea cycle is a set of rxn that allows nitrogen in two forms, ammonia and aspartate, nitrogen can be removed using Urea Urea cycle: removal of excess N Pre-urea cycle: formation of carbamyl phosphate ATP Urea cycle: Lose two amino-N and a CO2 How much energy does it take to remove two amino-nitrogens? u dont need to know struct How many of the reactions that we have studied are represented in excretion of excess nitrogen? Summary •Nitrogen enters...
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