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Reductive fungi plants most reduced form animals n

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Unformatted text preview: reductive fungi plants most reduced form animals N Fixation N2+ 16 ATP + 10H+ +8e- --> 2 NH4+ + H2 + 16ADP + 16Pi this is a bacteria reaction. Nitrate reductase, nitrite reductase NADPH NADP+ we are going from +3 to -3. this requires light, the electron source is NADPH Ammonium assimilation glutamate dehydrogenase getting ammonia into organic material this is one way incorpirating ammonia into organic materials NH4+ alpha- Ketoglutarate NADPH -KG NH4+ NADP+ gl u H2O this is another way incorporating ammonia into organic materials Ammonium assimilation Glutamine synthetase GOGAT (glutamine oxo-glutarate amino transferase) requires some reducing agent: NADH, fd(red)---> NAD+, Fd(ox) ATP NH4+ ADP + Pi GS glu gln NAD+ or Fd(ox) NADH Fd(red) GOGAT glu -KG Glutamate and glutamine are major –NH2 donors through transaminases e.g., Glu +OAA -KG + As...
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