Hi is the sunower seeds to the ratio of the entire

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Unformatted text preview: thate Distribution • Partitioning – Partitioning between competing sinks depends on: • Vascular connections between source and sink • Proximity • Sink strength Translocation Harvest Index ratio of what we use of the plant to the total of the plant. • Ratio of commercial or edible yield to total shoot yield usually these harvest index is one because we want the whole thing. HI= is the sunflower seeds to the ratio of the entire?? http://www.sunflowerproject.org/ – Improvements http://www.umassvegetable.org/ http://www.grdc.com.au/growers/ • Genetics and breeding • Understanding underlying assimilation and partitioning processes in plants Translocation Not all biomass is harvested Pieter Bruegel “The Harvesters” 1565 Harvest Index • Used to assess effects of various treatments – Plant density Harvest index the harvest index goes from a higher value to lower Translocation Harvest Index • Used to assess effects of various treatments – Irrigation at high amounts of irrigation the harvest Translocation Harvest Index • Used to assess effects of various treatments Harvest Index – Fertilization Fertilizer Translocation Rate Translocation Time for group projects • Hints: – Q 1: What happens to the dynamics of light penetration in the canopy as LAI increases? – Q 2: What is the efficiency with which radiation is used by a crop? – Q 3: Where is the CIMIS station located relative to the West Village? – Q 4: Under windless conditions what varies that can cause stress on a horizontal branch? – Q 5: See Q2, how can knowledge of the efficiency of radiation use be extended to plants growing in an urban context?...
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