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associate spad to chlorophyll usefulness correlate

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Unformatted text preview: more nitrogen and chlorphyll content. – Correlate SPAD to yield* – Correlate SPAD to nitrogen content corn http://nue.okstate.edu/ Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Chlorophyll Content • New method – Minolta SPAD meter • SPAD = Soil-Plant Analyses Development • Accurate?? – Associate SPAD to chlorophyll • Usefulness??? – Correlate SPAD to yield – Correlate SPAD to nitrogen content* corn http://www.scielo.br/ Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Temperature • Leaf C4 plant Text http://ohioprairienursery.com/ C3 plant http://gemini.oscs.montana.edu/ Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Temperature • Whole plant – Minimum, optimum and maximum temperatures – Strong temperature dependence at saturating [CO2] “High” CO2 “Normal” CO2 Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Relative Humidity • Indirect effect – Influence on stomata • As VPD goes up stomata close CO2 diffusion decreases as the demand for water goes up then stomata closes nd CO2 diff decreases Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) increases as relative humidity decreases. Factors Affecting Photosynthesis vascular bundle and bundle sheath photosynthetic mesophyll 20 Pa 4000 Pa bundle sheath extensions (BSE’s) stoma H2O 1000 Pa CO2 40 Pa epidermis 29 Air Movement • Affects diffusion of CO2 – Bo...
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