T0 24 hr 36 hr factors affecting photosynthesis canopy

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Unformatted text preview: ate of Photosynthesis, such Paraquat, Diquat Herbicides in which they cause rapid cell membrane destruction by forming alot of free-radicals in the photosynthesis process. Chemicals • Herbicides – Paraquat, Diquat • Electron acceptor – Overloads photosynthetic system forming free-radicals. – Causes rapid cell membrane destruction. » Rapid contact action. » Light is required for action. T0 24 hr 36 hr Factors Affecting Photosynthesis canopy architecture can affect photosynthesis Canopy Architecture • Leaf Area Index (LAI) – Ratio of total upper leaf surface of a crop divided by the surface area of the land on which the crop grows. if there are more leaves there is more photosynthesis . if there is less leave then there is a less photosynthesis. And we can use Leaf Area Index to measure that. that is why during some season where there is alot of leaves you have more photosynthesis http://www.ext.vt.edu/ Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Canopy Architecture • Leaf Area Index (LAI) – Measurement • Trace and weigh •...
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