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Esfeduefbschulz factors affecting photosynthesis

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Unformatted text preview: t intensities can overwhelm photosynthetic machinery causing membrane breakdown in very high light you are going to have a damage in photosyntehsis http://www.esf.edu/efb/schulz/ Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Light they need a sufficient amount of light the duration of day that the organism recieves light. • Photoperiod it is the length of day and night – Plants need sufficient length of light period to produce enough carbohydrates for normal growth – Constant or near-constant light may not increase net photosynthesis tomato they evolved like • Most plants grow better in this alternating light/dark periods – Dark needed for translocation of photosynthate Physiologia Plantarum, Vol. 103(3):363-368, 1998. Factors Affecting Photosynthesis Light “daily” • Diurnal variations – Day versus night – Light intensity variations during the day Text photosynthesis does not happen in the dark for C3 and C4, but only in the CAM. this basically shows that during the night the rate of photosyn...
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