Blue light effect not due to photosynthesis air plant

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Unformatted text preview: red light (630-680nm). • Blue light effect not due to photosynthesis. Air – Plant – Soil Continuum Text the significant of this is that, whitout the blue light the stomata doesnt open that much Source: LICOR6400XT manual Transpiration Stomatal Function • Stomatal opening in the morning is caused by influx of potassium ions – This is stimulated by blue light. • Later, K+ concentrations fall and sucrose accumulates. in the coarse of the day, the stomata opens due to the postassium in some plants the potassium is exchanged into sucrose during later the day. during the day it will have excess of sugar then it can use those extra sugar. but early in the day they use K+ bc they dont know whether they are going to have enough Air – Plant – Soil Continuum Stomatal Function this is all driven by water pressure. • Role of K+ and sucrose – As early-morning [K+] increases, water moves to lower W W decreases and • What about CAM plants? – Open stomata at night • CAM stomata – Generally, smaller and don’t open as wide – Not as responsive to [K+] – More responsive to [organic acid] Air – Plant – Soil Continuum Transpiration • • • • • • Purposes Location Driving force Protective mechanisms Measurement Evapotran...
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