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Unformatted text preview: tios: i.e. if a/A=b/B and you know three of the variables you can then solve for the remaining one • Dealing with difficult equations/math: write them in Microsoft Excel and play around • Aim to give a first order answer: for many things it is same to assume pi is 3.14 • Make sure units in equations are dimensionally correct: be careful interconverting volume, area and length units • Occam’s razor: the simplest answer that explains the observations is the better answer • Falsification: can you think of some condition where your idea doesn’t work? Sand dunes… -33.757439,26.317038 https://maps.google.com/ Bubble level a b Transpiration Sun (north) Scalc=1.22H Scalc=1H Stem elongation (S ) Ds=0o calc Ds=NA needed to keep leaf area above sand Scalc=1H=Sopt Ds= NA Dune surface after repeated burial events (b) (a) As=90o As=55o H (c) As=90o Sopt=0.82H Horizontal dune surface (d) As=55o Dune surface before burial Ad=0o Sopt=1H Dd=NA Scalc=0.82H=Sopt Ds=0o Ad=35 o Dd=0o Dune slip face Transpiration How can plants grow non-vertically B D E C A Mechanisms and stimuli by which plants could sense and respond to the partial burial of stem, including vertical and non-vertical gr...
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