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Unformatted text preview: sensors attached to the “$100 datalogger” we have developed (c). Evapotranspiration- it is the evaporation from the soil plus transpiration from the leaves. Evapotranspiration - ET • Used to describe water use of crops – Includes both transpiration and evaporation http://www.kingdomcome.org/ http://www.chriscovatta.com/ http://www.hindu.com/ Transpiration Evapotranspiration - ET you are talking about well watered crops. ET can change over the season, changes based on the location • Used to describe water use of WELL WATERED crops – Includes both transpiration and evaporation – Changes over the seasons – Changes with location – Corrections can be made for water stressed crops Transpiration ET0 • Reference ET = ET0 – The evapotranspiration that occurs from a standardized "reference" crop such as clipped grass or alfalfa. the reference ET is called ET0. http://www.cprl.ars.usda.gov/ Transpiration Measuring ET0 • Class A evaporation pan this is a way of measuring it. this is a pan of water and you me...
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