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Unformatted text preview: pump out sugars and metal ions into the bubble and therefore there will be a increase in solutes into the bubble and water will follow the higher conc of solutes into the bubble and cause the it fill up that bubble with water. • • • • • Embolisms in xylem (dead) can be refilled under tension Embolism is sensed by adjacent parenchyma cell (living) Sugars/ions are pumped (uses ATP) into water droplets Osmosis results in water diffusing into high solute droplet enlarging it When droplets coalesce then the vessel can refill http://www.ncbi.nlm.ni h.gov/pmc/articles/PM C3252146/figure/fig6/ trigger Transpiration Water Stress • Effects on physiological processes – Physiological and abiotic diseases (disorders) • Cracking, pitting of young fruits • Blossom end rot of tomato http://counties.cce.cornell.edu/wyoming/ Water http://www.gardenersworld.com/ Stress Water Stress • Effects on developmental processes – Reproductive development adversely affected • Reduced flower bud initiation and development • Reduced flowering – Severe water stress can induce flowering • Reduced pollination and fruit set • Reduced fruit and seed maturation water stress has a great impact on the reproductive development and crops can get affected dominantly. Water Stress Adaptations to Water Stress • • • • • Fine surface root systems Enlarged stems to store water* Osmoregulation Decreasing leaf conductance Slow gr...
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