Photosynthesis uses water but loses very minor it

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Unformatted text preview: spiration Transpiration plants loses lots of water that can be said a negative loss. photosynthesis uses water, but loses very minor. it Transpiration • Purposes – Supplies water for photosynthesis (minor) – Transports minerals from the soil to all parts of the plant – Cools leaf surfaces 3-5°C by evaporative cooling minerals are acclimated into the root. they go up the xylem into the leafs. • Poikilotherm = an organism whose internal temperature varies along with that of the ambient environmental temperature. it can cool the plant. by transpiration. – Maintains the plant's shape and structure by keeping cells turgid (leaves>woody stems) the turgor pressure within the cell is the structure of the plant, so when they lose turgor they lose their shape, hence wilt. Transpiration Transpiration • Location transpiration gets to the leaf by cohesion hypothesis. Transpiration water enters the leaf from the xylem and exits from the stomata and that is all we know as of the path of the leaf. we dont really...
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