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Water goes into the gaurd cells and increase there

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Unformatted text preview: garud cells. water goes into the gaurd cells and increase there turgor pressure and the h20 and coming out of the epidermal cells which they are losing their turgor pressure. there is alot of chloroplast in them (a) The guard cell absorbs light and produces ATP in the light dependent reaction. (b) The ATP is used to drive proton pumps that pump out H+ . The inside of the cell becomes more negative. (c) Potassium ions enter the cell which increases the solute concentration. (d) Water moves from the surrounding tissue by osmosis Air – Plant – Soil Continuum this process is pretty slow Cross section of T. virginiana stoma sampled by snap freezing an intact leaf. you can see the gaurd cell in this pic inflated Franks P, Farquhar G. Plantphysiol 2007;143:78-87 ©2007 by American Society of Plant Biologists Stomatal Function what is needed to open the stomata is not that much light, it is not PAR but blue light. just know that it is blue light instead of PAR. • Influence of light – Minimum level just above compensation point – Blue light (430-460nm) is nearly 10X as effective as...
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